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RenderLife is a web-based stock library that brings together 3D designers and their clients to one marketplace that aims to advance the potential of the 3D world.

Mass appeal of 3D technology is building quickly, bringing with it a new wave of designers, animators and video game developers. When these visualization specialists need to streamline their workflow, they turn to the web for pre-built models to fill out their image the same way graphic designers turn to stock photography sites for pictures. 3D assets are used in the creation of scenes that are comprised of hundreds or even thousands of assets. The creation of these assets can be time-consuming and tedious, which is why 3D artists turn to stock model sites to buy assets of anything from jets to lamps, plants to dishware.

As the founder, Jeff Mann identified that the market was still in it's infancy. Knowing that artists are looking for high quality and affordable assets that speed up their workflow and increase their productivity and profitability, he worked to develop the initial concept of a new kind of buy-sell stock market. Upon successful completion of a fully scoped and costed business plan, he was able to secure Angel Investments and a seasoned entrepreneur as a partner and CEO (to his role of COO) for the venture.

On November 15, 2012, went live.

Over the course of it's first year, the team grew from two to over 15, with an in-house creative team of 3D artists, a dedicated sales team working the phones to connect buyers with sellers, a marketing team leading the mass communications efforts, full time and contract online and app developers and organizational support staff such as bookkeepers and various paid interns. Jeff ran the day-to-day operations, keeping teams on task, an eye on milestones and leading problem solving missions when plans or tactics came off track. Supporting this, the CEO lead corporate strategy, governance and partner and investor relations.

Going into the future, RenderLife is shifting its focus from Hollywood level 3D artists to the overall graphic design and art direction market. As software has advanced, the high end 3D tools once solely available to sophisticated artists are becoming adopted by the design world in general - RenderLife is leading that charge.