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When a serial inventor/entrepreneur wanted to bring his idea to reality, we took the napkin sketch and created a new product, brand and strategic marketing plan. 

BACKGROUND: Tuggs Promotions Inc. is the brain child of Ted Funger, inventor and entrepreneur, who has created and brought to market products such as the Nack Knife and Liquid Plumber. Tuggs is Ted’s latest idea, born on a beach he devised a product that will keep towels from sliding down sun chairs on cruse ships and beach resorts around the world. With the added benefit of major licensing and branding opportunities on the product itself.

TASK/OUR APPROACH: To create a product that was fun, functional and cost effective. The product was designed hand-in-hand with its branding and marketing, so they could both reflect and compliment each other, and grow together. The first step in the product design was to take into account the end user/environmental conditions, followed by the marketing requirements. Because it will be near salt water the majority of its life, eliminating any metal parts was key; ie springs and clips. So we developed and clip that would use the physical properties of the material (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene/Polypropylene blend) to give the spring tension needed to grip a towel. By developing a new (patent pending) self clamping system, we were able to reduce the towel clamp to two pieces of moulded plastic. The next step was to design the Tuggs clip in such a way that it had large printable surfaces to allow for advertising fulfilling the design requirement of doubling as a marketing tool. The branding considered a target market that is not only individuals, but included multi-national brands, resorts and franchises who would ultimately invest in millions of units per order. In order to keep costs down we developed this clip system with minimal sku’s. The top and bottom of the clip are the same part, reducing tooling costs and secondary labour costs for assembly and quality control. The connecting band is made of a soft, pliable silicon cast in vibrant, electric colours that invites the consumer to touch and play with it. The brand was built to reflect the fun nature of the product and its final destination. Prior to going into market on the beach, the Tuggs brand would live in corporate boardrooms around the world, and needed to take the buyers into the sand and sun within a moments glance. We achieved this by developing a wordmark from a custom, soft, playful typeface, applied on water droplet which captures the softness of the silicon bungee band. Accompanying sales materials reflect the playful nature of the product and its inventor, using dynamic colours and warm imagery.

RESULTS: The Tuggs Clip is now in final stages of development, with final production line refinements being made.