Type Matters

In an era of consolidating type foundry’s, digital design and Google Fonts, we’re seeing eroding emphasis on the importance of type. More and more, design is taking a ‘good enough’ approach versus taking the time to craft graphical arts, and the first casualty is type. Now I’ll admit, type was never my favorite as a junior designer – it’s complex, there are hundreds of thousands of typefaces, it requires patience and skill to really typeset. As my career evolved, type became my favorite element, because it is hard, and choosing the right type for the right job helped elevate my art direction into new heights of style and quality. 

Type is where the viewer’s eyes immediately go to on a design. It is the information that they want to know and look to learn. With the wrong type, your message can be thrown off. Just like the lack of emotion, tone emphasis, intonation, etc… in text messages, the wrong type can send the wrong message in a design. 

For example:

The right type makes the message. 

With Google Fonts consolidating the selection of type, and designers choosing to stick with what is known versus experimenting with type, we might see a future where Lato, Roboto, Raleway and Oswald are the only typefaces we need. As creative leaders, let’s not let that happen, let’s remember why type matters and give it it’s time to shine in all of our work.

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